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Request a Paranormal Investigation of Your Home or Business

If you and your family are living with what you think is ghost or spirit, the stress and of trying to cope with it can feel unmanageable. Whether the occurrences ultimately have a natural explanation or a supernatural one, the fear felt is very real and the experiences may be disturbing. We understand this. We will not approach your or any situation with the intention of "disproving" or "debunking", but with the intention of explaining what you or your family are experiencing and helping you to understand it.

Believe it or not, self-help is the best solution. Take ownership of the situation. It is your home! State loudly, politely, and with conviction: "This is my(our) home! You are not allowed to ... because...". Taking charge will help you to feel empowered and things often quiet down when a homeowner does this.

If you are fearful, please take stock of what has happened. Has anything really tried to harm you or are you just afraid it may?

If you want or need someone to bless your home, ask your own priest or minister. It will be so much more effective than if it is done by someone outside your faith. If you don't have a priest or minister, speak to a local non-denominational church. All traditions have knowledge of the supernatural and no official should ever ridicule you. Blessings are offered at no charge or a nominal fee depending on your finances.

If you have already tried these things and still require assistance, please contact us at We will be back in touch within 48 hours. Please understand that we will be asking you a lot of questions about the events as well as your beliefs and your family functions. This is to assist us in determining the best course to take. At no time will your information be shared with anyone outside the assigned team. Your privacy is very important to us. If you would like a licensed counselor to be part of the team, let us know. Two of our members are ministers as well.

In the meantime:

Be wary of anyone who calls themselves an "expert" in ghost removal and/or wishes to charge you a fee for their services. These types of phenomena are unknown and NO ONE can guarantee they can get rid of anything or make occurences cease. We have been called to many homes by people who have had someone in who claimed they could "clear the ghost" or "make them cross over". In every one of these cases all this did was cause the ghost or spirit to become angry at the occupants, which was marked by a rapid escalation of activity.

Do not hesitate to ask us or anyone else for identification, references, and background information before allowing anyone into your home! There is no licensing board for paranormal investigators. Treat this as if you were hiring someone to come in and fix something. Just because you saw someone on TV or in the newspaper does NOT mean they know any more than you do about the paranormal. All that means is that they knew how to get on TV or in the newspaper.

Be cautious of anyone who makes claims that seem incredible or too good to be true. Look for assistance from people who are educated and put forth a professional image. Our team members have current clear criminal background checks and work in the professional fields of education and law enforcement. You should feel comfortable with the people working to assist you. If at any point a team does something to make you question them or feel uncomfortable, remember this is your home or business and take charge of the situation immediately.

We are here to help you. Please contact us when you are ready so that we may assemble the appropriate team for your needs.

Page Last Updated: 1/7/22