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About Tri-County Paranormal Research

Tri-County Paranormal
Our group is made up of a good balance of psychic and sensitive members and those who employ a completely technical approach.

With this approach we are able to provide the client with atmospheric and environmental readings as well as the impressions and feelings of our psychics and sensitives. Our lead investigators have over 20 years of experience in this field and this site provides the documentation for this. Our group was founded, formed and provided help for those experiencing hauntings long before the explosion of TV Shows and "mom and pop ghost hunter" groups. We invite those who are looking for a better understanding of the phenomena they are experiencing in their homes or businesses to allow us to assist you in achieving a resolution to the situation that will be agreeable to all those concerned. Although we do employ a psychic approach in our investigations, our approach to the paranormal is always a rational one above all else, leaving belief and disbelief behind us in order to be objective and open to all possible solutions.

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